CT Tech Fest

Connecticut's Festival of Science and Technology


CT Tech Fest 2013

Presented by Team Beta

The June 1, 2013
event has been

Thank you for your support of
STEM education and
of Team Beta’s efforts to inspire the students of Connecticut.

Free for all ages!

Connecticut Tech Fest is an event with the goal of helping the people of Connecticut gain an appreciation for science and technology. Science and technology play a strong role in our society and in our everyday lives. By coming to Tech Fest, people of all ages will discover the science around them and better understand how things they see in their lives work.  We at CT Tech Fets hope toinspire students to become excited about science, mathematics, engineering and technology, encourage young people to pursue careers in scientific and technologial fields, and to foster an appreciation of science and technology among all citizens.

Exhibitors and speakers come from across the state of Connecticut and beyond.  Exhibiting at CT Tech Fest is a great way to give back to the community and gain public exposure.  Exhibitors include everyone from major corporations to student groups.  For more information e-mail info@cttechfest.org

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